Case Report

A Case of Generalized Essential Telangiectasia with Early Onset
  • Müzeyyen Gönül
  • Seray Külcü Çakmak
  • Esra Özhamam
J Turk Acad Dermatol 2014; 8: 0-0 DOI: 10.6003/jtad.1482c1
Corymbose and Annular Pattern in Secondary Syphilis with Concomitant Chancre on Penis: Can it Be a Manifestation of Early Latent Syphilis
  • Subhasmita Baisya
  • Subhadeep Mallick
  • Olympia Rudra
  • Pramit Nandy
  • Aniruddha Mandal
  • Aishwarya Prakash
J Turk Acad Dermatol 2021; 15: 24-26 DOI: 10.4274/jtad.galenos.2021.41636


Clinical Manifestations of Early Syphilis in People Living With HIV and AIDS. A Review
  • Irina Alexandrovna Amirova
  • Ilkin Babazarov
  • Narmin Veliyeva
  • Parvin Babazarova
  • Huseyin Babazarov
J Turk Acad Dermatol 2019; 13: 0-0 DOI: 10.6003/jtad.19134r2

Original Article

Effects of Narrow-band UVB Alone and in Combination with Isotretinoin on Apoptosis and Its Clinical Implications in Early Stage Mycosis Fungoides
  • Nazan Taşlıdere
  • Özlem Canöz
  • Ayten Ferahbaş Kesikoğlu
J Turk Acad Dermatol 2020; 14: 6-11 DOI: 10.4274/jtad.galenos.2020.36854
The Optimal Reading Time for Patch Testing: A Retrospective, Cross-sectional, Single Center Study Over 8 Years from Turkey
  • Tuğba Özkök Akbulut
  • Esen Özkaya
J Turk Acad Dermatol 2022; 16: 13-20 DOI: 10.4274/jtad.galenos.2022.35744
Spider Bites Might Present as Cellulitis Like in Early Cases and Pyoderma Gangrenosum Like in Late Cases
  • Khalifa E. Sharquie
  • Raed I. Jabbar
J Turk Acad Dermatol 2020; 14: 70-75 DOI: 10.4274/jtad.galenos.2020.80299

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