Case Report

Terra Firma-Forme Dermatosis in Childhood: Two Cases


  • Gülcan Saylam Kurtipek
  • Fatma Tuncez Akyürek
  • Arzu Ataseven
  • Çelebi Kocaoğlu

J Turk Acad Dermatol 2015;9(1):0-0


Terra firma forme dermatosis (TFFD) is an uncommon disorder of keratinization, in which patients present with dirt-like lesions resistant to washing, but disappearing almost magically when rubbed forcefully with 70% of ethyl alcohol. Two girls, 8 and 12 old years, presented with almost identical cutaneous findings. The patients were admitted with the complaints of asymptomatic, brown, slightly elevated, dirt-like lesions on trunk, arms, limbs and neck, with no response to washing with soap and water. All lesions completely disappeared after forced wiping with 70% of ethyl alcohol.

We described two patients with the disorder and discussed the differential diagnostic considerations in light of literature.

Keywords: Terra firma-forme dermatosis, hyperpigmentation, alcohol