Case Report

Self-healing Cutaneous Mucinosis in an Adult


  • Göknur Kalkan
  • Gülfer Akbay
  • Meral Ekşioğlu
  • Müzeyyen Astarcı

J Turk Acad Dermatol 2013;7(2):0-0


Self-healing cutaneous mucinosis is a localized form of primary cutaneous mucinosis characterized by an early age of onset, the presence of plaques and nodules in a typical distribution, and rapid onset followed by spontaneous resolution of the lesions within a period of weeks to months. Histopathologically cutaneous mucinosis is defined by mucin deposits in the dermis. Here we present a clinically and histopathologically proven case of 25-year-old male patient with a 1-year history of papuler eruption on his elbows and dorsum of the feet.

Keywords: Self healing, cutaneous mucinosis, adult