Case Report

Photocontact Dermatitis due to Hypericum perforatum


  • Belma Türsen
  • Erdinç Terzi
  • Tamer İrfan Kaya
  • Ümit Türsen

J Turk Acad Dermatol 2014;8(2):0-0


Hypericin, originating from Hypericum perforatum, is a potent photosensitizer known to induce skin phototoxicity when given systemically. Hypericum perforatum is a botanical extracts with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect. Photocontact dermatitis is a common cutaneous reaction by various herbs. We describe a 54-year-old female patient with Hypericum perforatum associated photocontact dermatitis shortly after topical application therapy for knee pain due to osteoarthritis. Hypericum perforatum therapy was stopped and the patient was treated with topical corticosteroids and systemic antihistamines. The eruption resolved within ten days. Photocontact dermatitis induced by Hypericum perforatum has been reported as second case in English literature. We propose that photocontact dermatitis is a side-effect of topical Hypericum perforatum.

Keywords: Photocontact dermatitis, hypericin