Paradoxes in Aesthetic Dermatology


  • Ümit Türsen

J Turk Acad Dermatol 2019;13(4):0-0


Various paradoxical phenomena related to aesthetic dermatology including paradoxes of Q-switched laser-induced tattoo darkening, intense pulsed light (IPL) and laser-induced hypertrichosis, paradoxical adipose hyperplasia of post-cryolipolysis, paradoxes of androgenetic alopecia, sebaceous glands and aging skin, paradox of acne fulminans associated with isotretinoin treatment, paradoxical rosacea with topical calcineurin inhibitors, paradoxical erythema associated with brimonidine gel, paradoxical masseteric bulging, wrinkles and alopecia associated with botulinum toxins, paraben, lanolin, nail lacquer, exogenous ochronosis paradoxes have been described in the literature. While some of them can be explained logically, the cause for others can only be speculated. Whenever encountered in clinical practice, background knowledge of such paradoxes may be useful to the clinician. As reported previously, when paradoxes are suspected after aesthetic procedures, these therapies should be discontinued and the other alternative procedures are recommended.

Keywords: Aesthetic Dermatology, Anti Aging, Brimonidine, Laser,Paradoxes