Case Report

Papillomatosis Cutis Lymphostatica - Case Report


  • Antigona Gerqari
  • Mybera Ferizi
  • Sadije Halimi
  • Aferdita Daka
  • Ilir Begolli
  • Mirije Begolli
  • Idriz Gerqari

J Turk Acad Dermatol 2016;10(4):0-0


Papillomatosis cutis lymphostatica is a rare disease that affects mostly the patients in middle age, in lower legs previously affected by vascular changes. The disease is mostly without subjective symptoms it is rarely accompanied by itching, pain and discomfort. There is no effective treatment, but the disease can be put under control by a local treatment with urea even though that cannot guarantee total relapse of the disease.

Keywords: Papilomatosis cutis lymphostatica, lymph stasis, erysipelas