Case Report

Management of Keloid By Hirudo Therapy


  • Arsheed Iqbal
  • Huma Haider
  • Arjumand Shah
  • Zahood Ahmad
  • Naquibul Islam

J Turk Acad Dermatol 2016;10(1):0-0


According to Greek classical books leech therapy is the best way to overcome chronic inflammatory conditions. It has been proved that intervention causes reduction in oedema, pain and conjunction. Keloid were described by Egyptian surgeons around 1700BC. Alibert called the keloid first cancroid and later cheloide. Keloid usually grown beyond the borders of the original wound in claw-like growths and can develop after acne, body piercings, burns, laceration, surgical wounds etc. The aim of present study was to assess the effect of leech therapy in resolving the Keloid without surgical intervention and to avoid the scar formation and recurrence. The present study has been conducted at RRIUM, Srinagar to evaluate the keloid resolving activity by the bioactive substances present in the leech saliva. The study has proved very effective by giving the Hirduo therapy to a young female patient with post traumatic keloid above the knee joint, The keloid was completely resolved and there was no recurrence even after one year of post leech therapy follow ups.

Keywords: Keloid, hirduo therapy, bioactivity substances