Case Report

Lichen Striatus in Two Adults


  • Emine Ünal
  • İlknur Balta
  • Özlem Bozkurt
  • Gülüşan Ergül

J Turk Acad Dermatol 2015;9(1):0-0


Lichen Striatus (LS) is an uncommon dermatosis characterised by a linear inflammatory papular eruption. It’s frequently seen in children. It was reported in adults rarely. It usually consists of asymptomatic pink-purple papules located on either of the extremities. Pruritus may be seen rarely. Disease which can involve nails, have the feature of spontaneous regression. Although its etiology is not to be completely known; it is thought that it is an immunological response triggered by infections, environmental factors, trauma, pregnancy, vaccine and medications. We presented 65- year-old male and 55-year old female patients. Both patients applied to our polyclinic with eruption which onset suddenly and progress rapidly that is going on for 2-3 months. Lesions located on legs in male patient and on the leg and umbilicus in female patient. Lesions were located on Blaschko’s lines but there were cuts in streaks. Nail examinations were normal. Male patient complained of pruritus. There was no vaccine, infection and trauma history in the patients. They had drug usage history due to hypertension and ischemic heart disease. There was no similar disease history in their family. It was the first applications of the patients. Punch biopsy was conducted. They were diagnosed as lichen striatus based on clinical and histopathological findings. Topical corticosteroid cream therapy was started to patients and they were monitored. These cases were presented on the purpose of emphasizing LS should be kept in mind in adults in differential diagnosis of linear lesions.

Keywords: Blaschko’s lines, lichen