Case Report

Kyrle’s Disease: A Case Report

  • Cenk Akçalı
  • Mete Baba
  • Deniz Seçkin
  • Fazilet Kayaselçuk
  • Tülin Güleç

J Turk Acad Dermatol 2007;1(4):0-0


Kyrle’s disease was first described under the name hyperkeratosis follicularis et parafollicularis in cutem penetrans in 1916. This rare dermatologic entitiy is characterized by a chronic, more or less extensive, papular eruption over the upper body and the legs. We report a case of Kyrle’s disease involving the face, neck, scalp and lower extremities. Based on laboratory and other findings, chronic renal failure was diagnosed. Histopathological analysis of skin lesions showed presence of keratotic, partly parakeratotic plug invaginating the epidermis. Kyrle’s disease is classified among the perforating skin diseases, in which reactive perforating collagenosis, perforating folliculitis and elastosis perforans serpiginosa take place.These acquired perforating dermatoses usually have been associated with diabetes mellitus or chronic renal failure. Further investigations with more cases are needed to understand the underlying pathogenesis.

Keywords: Kyrle’s disease