Case Report

Facial Purpura in a Child After Inflating a Balloon


  • Emine Nur Rifaioğlu
  • Özlem Ekiz
  • Bilge Bülbül Şen
  • Asena Çiğdem Doğramacı

J Turk Acad Dermatol 2014;8(1):0-0


Purpura is defined an extravasation of erythrocytes into the dermis of the skin. Among the reasons of facial purpura of child, hematologic, vasculitic and infectious causes primarily income. Ten year-old-girl was admitted with bilateral infraorbitalpurpura. The results of laboratory investigations were normal. The patient described that the lesion had occurred after inflating in a balloon. Pathophysiology of the facial purpura after this conditionsmay be increasing of intrathoracic or intrabdominal pressure. Facial purpura developed after inflating the balloon was not reported previously. After exclusion of the other causes of facial purpura, balloon inflating should be remembered.

Keywords: Facial purpura, increasing of intratorasic pressure