Case Report

Erythematous Annular Cicatricial Plaques on the Face

  • Bengü Gerçeker Türk
  • Meltem Türkmen
  • Gülşen Kandiloğlu
  • Derya Dirim Erdoğan
  • Tuğrul Dereli

J Turk Acad Dermatol 2011;5(1):0-0


Lupoid leishmaniasis (LL) is an unusual chronic form of cutaneous leishmaniasis with clinical and histopathological features resembling lupus vulgaris. It is estimated that lupoid leishmaniasis represents approximately 0.5-6 % of all cutaneous leishmaniasis. In this report, a case of lupoid leishmaniasis that has been misdiagnosed as “lupus vulgaris” and then has been subsequently treated with anti-tuberculoid drugs for a substantial period is described.

Keywords: cutaneous leishmaniasis , lupus vulgaris