Efficacy of Intermittent Isotretinoin in Moderate Acne Vulgaris


  • Erdinç Terzi
  • Belma Türsen
  • Tamer İrfan Kaya
  • Ümit Türsen

J Turk Acad Dermatol 2014;8(1):0-0


Isotretinoin is the only drug that affects almost all factors in acne pathogenesis. Recently, its use for the treatment of chronic mild or moderate acne unresponsive to long-term antibiotic therapy, and with a tendency to cause scarring and lead to negative pyschological effects, has become popular. The aim of the study was to investigate the effectiveness of intermittent isotretinoin treatment in moderate acne.

Material and Methods:

Thirty-two patients with moderate acne localized on the face were enrolled in the study.The treatment regimen consisted of isotretinoin, 0.5-0.75 mg/kg per day, applied first 10 days of each month for 6 months, according to the acne grade and number of inflammatory lesions.


Thirty (93.7%) of the 32 patients completed the 6-month therapy. At the end of the treatment complete improvement was observed in 23 patients (76.6%) out of 30. All adverse effects were mild and discontinuation of the treatment was not necessary.


Intermittent isotretinoin treatment was found to be a safe and effective choice for patients with moderate acne.

Keywords: Acne vulgaris, isotretinoin, intermittent treatment