Diaper Dermatitis (Napkin Dermatitis, Nappy Rash)

  • Server Serdaroğlu
  • Tuğba Kevser Üstünbaş

J Turk Acad Dermatol 2010;4(4):0-0


The term diaper dermatitis includes all eruptions that occur in the area covered by the diaper. These conditions are caused directly by the wearing of diapers (irritant contact dermatitis), those that are aggrevated by diapers (psoriasis), and those that occur whether or not diapers worn (eg., acrodermatitis enteropathica). Diaper dermatitis is seen mostly between 9- to 12 months. This condition is more common in children but also can be seen in adults using diapers. Many factors play a role on diaper dermatitis etiology. Treatment modality changes according to the severity and etiology of diaper dermatitis. Parents should be informed that refraining from use of diapers improves diaper dermatitis. If diaper dermatitis is persistent, other dermatoses that can localize in genital area should be sought.

Keywords: Diaper dermatitis, Napkin dermatitis