Case Report

Cutaneous Tuberculosis: An Unusual Presentation


  • Berdy Jose
  • Sebastian Criton
  • Divya Surendran

J Turk Acad Dermatol 2016;10(3):0-0


Cutaneous Tuberculosis can present in an uncharacteristic manner in immunosuppressed patients .We report here a case of cutaneous tuberculosis in a twenty five year old male with past history of Hodgkins lymphoma and lymphomatoid papulosis treated with chemotherapy and electron beam therapy at 9 and 14 years of age. He later developed swellings over face and chest after the complete healing of the tuberculous ulcer while he was on antitubercular therapy. So our postulate is that even if there is good recovery from the illness clinically,the immune system may not recover concomitant with recovery and it may take a very long time to recover or no recovery at all. The purpose of this case report was to emphasize the need for awareness of appearance of opportunistic infections in patients who had undergone chemotherapy and or radiotherapy therapy as well as the need for regular follow up.

Keywords: Cutaneous tuberculosis, mycobaterium tuberculosis, antitubercular chemotherapy, immunocompromised