Clinical Manifestations of Early Syphilis in People Living With HIV and AIDS. A Review


  • Irina Alexandrovna Amirova
  • Ilkin Babazarov
  • Narmin Veliyeva
  • Parvin Babazarova
  • Huseyin Babazarov

J Turk Acad Dermatol 2019;13(4):0-0


Syphilis and HIV-infection both are serious global health and social problem. These infectious diseases are both systemic diseases with many clinical and epidemiological features. Coexistence of these diseases is not rare in clinical practice. This is not surprising due to the same route of transmission. During the last 5 years we observe an increase in a manifest forms of early syphilis. HIV/AIDS may influence clinical course of syphilis. So, natural history of syphilis in people living with HIV and AIDS (PLWHA) has certain clinical features. Clinical manifestations of early syphilis are sometimes a clue for diagnosis of HIV/AIDS. But generally clinical manifestations of PS and SS in HIV-positive individuals sometimes may not differ from those in HIV-negative, i.e. syphilis itself with or without any clinical features (latent syphilis) may be a key for the diagnosis of HIV/AIDS. Thus persons with any clinical forms, manifestations and stages of syphilis should be screened for HIV/AIDS. HIV/AIDS is not treatable but it is manageable. However, early diagnosis of HIV/AIDS as well as syphilis is a great importance because we can manage former (to take under control the virus by antiretroviral therapy (ART)) and treat the last one to increase the quality of life, to prevent progression of disease to latestage and transmission to healthy people. Finally, lifestyle change (high risk behavior avoidance) is one of the most important and effective ways to prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STD), including HIV/AIDS and syphilis. The aim of this review was to provide updated information on clinical manifestation of syphilis in PLWHA. The article is accompanied by several original clinical images.

Keywords: Early Syphilis, Clinical Manifestations, HIV/AIDS