Case Report

Bowen’s Disease of the Penis Shaft Mimicking Contact Dermatitis


  • Zennure Takçı
  • Ayşe Serap Karadağ
  • Gülçin Güler Şimşek

J Turk Acad Dermatol 2016;10(3):0-0


Bowen's disease (BD) is an intraepidermal neoplasia considering as preinvasive types of penile squamous-cell carcinoma (SCC). This carcinom is relatively uncommon malignancy of the anogenital skin with the highest incidence in patients older than age 60 years. Malign evolution of BD into invasive SCC is approximately 5% to 10% for genital lesions. Therefore an early diagnosis is very important in order to avoid tumoral spread and mutilating surgery. The case submitted herein was a 30 year-old nonsmoker circumcised man with good hygiene and without any risk factor for anogenital malignancy presented with a penile lesion mimicking contact dermatitis. This case is presented to reinforce that penile BD should be considered in the differential diagnosis of steroid unresponsive dermatoses of the penis.

Keywords: Bowen disease, contact dermatitis, penile shaft