Case Report

Atypical Swelling On Extremities of A Newborn Due To Iatrogenic Calcinosis Cutis


  • Serdar Alan
  • Ömer Erdeve
  • Dilek Kahvecioglu
  • Duran Yıldız
  • Ufuk Çakır
  • Hasan Akduman
  • Begüm Atasay
  • Saadet Arsan

J Turk Acad Dermatol 2015;9(3):0-0


This case report describes atypical presentation of iatrogenic calcinosis cutis in neonate. Iatrogenic calcinosis cutis usually presents by swelling erythema, induration, and soft tissue necrosis. Thus calcinosis cutis is usually easy to diagnose for clinicians. However, when extravasation is minor, the etiological relation of extravasation and calcification may not be obvious. Because of these reason, radiological findings are very important and they are usually the key to the diagnosis. A careful differential diagnosis from hematoma, abscess, or cellulitis prevent the patients from misdiagnosed and overtreatment.

Keywords: Calcinosis cutis, iatrogenic, newborn, swelling