Case Report

Annular Elastolytic Giant Cell Granuloma Heralding Onset and Recurrence of Bladder Car􀁆inoma


  • Seval Erpolat
  • Hacer Haltas

J Turk Acad Dermatol 2014;8(2):0-0

Observations :

Annular ela stolytic giant cel l granul o ma(AEGC G) is a r ar e dermatosis characteri zed clinically by e rythemat ous papule s and annular plaques o n sun-exposed skin histopatologically by granulomatous inflammation by loss of elastic tissue and elastophagocytosis. We report the case of a man with AEGCG who subsequently developed bladder carcinoma and in whom the AEGCG acted in a fashion paralel with his cancer.

Keywords: Granuloma, elastophagocytosis, bladder carcinoma