Ancient to Recent Skin Care in Turkish Cypriots: Bitter-Orange Blossom Water


  • Aslı Feride Kaptanoğlu
  • Dudu Özkum
  • Elvan Ada

J Turk Acad Dermatol 2012;6(1):0-0


Traditional remedies are important parts of folk-medicine and culture. The most common area of use of such remedies are skin diseases and cosmetic. Natural ingredients, mostly the herbal products, have been used since ancient times in topical creams and lotions. Different traditional remedies has been observed in different ethnic cultures and geographic settings. Here we report, bitter-orange blossom water - shortly called as “blossom water”- which is used for skin cleaning and refreshing in Cyprus for many decades, for the first time. Recently, this traditional knowledge about home-made blossom water is transmitted orally as a part of folk heritage and gaining interest with the increasing popularity of phytotherapeutics. Such kind of remedies give clues for phytotherapeutical approaches which are deeply researched and developed nowadays.

Keywords: Cyprus, phytoterapy, folk-medicine, herbal medicine, cosmetic, bitter-orange, blossom