Case Report

Acneiform Eruption Caused By Varenicline Tartrate: A Case Report


  • Hatice Gamze Demirdağ
  • Gülbahar Saraç
  • Yelda Kapıcıoğlu

J Turk Acad Dermatol 2015;9(3):0-0


Drug-induced acneiform cutaneous eruptions are chronic rare reactions, have seen within the weeks or months after taking drug. Although many drugs may cause this reaction, corticosteroids are the most frequent. Varenicline tartrate has taken place in clinical practice as a helper drug for smoking cessation. Acneiform rash is a rare side effect of varenicline. Here, we present 32-year-old woman with erithymateous papuls and papulopustuls on her proximal trunks who has taken the varenicline tartarate since 2 months.

Keywords: Acneiform eruption, Varenicline tartrate, Drug-induced rash