Acne and Dermatosurgical Treatment


  • Ümit Türsen

J Turk Acad Dermatol 2018;12(4):0-0


There are a number of dermatosurgery techniques available to achieve treatment of acne complications, such as punch grafting, microneedling laser ablations, chemical peels, platelet-rich plasma, subcision, cryotherapy, fractional microneedling radiofrequency and CROSS technique. Each method has advantages and disadvantages. As there are no specific data available from the prospective studies in this field it is uneasy to recommend which surgical approach to acne complications offers the best result. Accordingly, it is also mandatory to appropriately select acne patients in order to achieve a complete and permanent treatment.

Keywords: Acne, laser, Dermatosurgery, Subcision, Radiofrequency