Case Report

Acitretine Treatment of a Case with Progressive Symmetric Erythrokeratoderma


  • Güldehan Atış
  • Ersin Aydın

J Turk Acad Dermatol 2018;12(2):0-0


Progressive symmetric erythrokeratoderma (PSEK) is a rare herediter genodermatosis. Symmetrical, stable, erythematous and well demarcated hyperkeratotic plaques are common skin finding for PSEK. Treatment agents are topical retinoids, emollients, keratolytics and topical corticosteroids with limited improving . Herein we report a 22-year-old male patient with PSEK who was successfully treated by acitretine without serious side effect.

Keywords: Erythrokeratodema, Acitretine treatment