Case Report

A Young Adult Presenting with Nail-Patella and Nephrotic Syndrome: A Case Report


  • Mustafa Gezer
  • Emine Ünal
  • Mehmet Serindere
  • Salih Hamcan
  • Ayhan Özcan
  • Yusuf Oğuz

J Turk Acad Dermatol 2016;10(4):0-0


The Nail-Patella syndrome is a rare autosomal dominant disorder that involves skeletal abnormalities, nail abnormalities and renal disease. Iliac horns are pathognomonic of the disease. Almost all of the patients have patellar aplasia or hypoplasia. It is usually diagnosed at early childhood. Herein we present a 20-year-old man who diagnosed Nail-Patella syndrome with nephrotic syndrome.

Keywords: Patellae, iliac horn, nephrotic syndrome