Case Report

A Rare Presentation Over An Uncommon Location: Melanoacanthoma


  • T.V. Narasimha Rao
  • R. Neelakanta Babu

J Turk Acad Dermatol 2015;9(4):0-0


Melanoacanthoma is very rare variant of seborrheic keratosis presenting as a deeply pigmented benign proliferation of melanocytes and keratinocytes usually presenting over the head, neck and trunk of elderly people. A 40-year-old male presented with a solitary leaf shaped, slow growing asymptomatic hyperpigmented outgrowth with cerebriform surface measuring 6 cm by 4 cm over the right groin since the past 20 years. External genitalia were normal and there was no associated lymphadenopathy. The histopathology revealed hyperkeratosis, papillomatosis, acanthosis with presence of melanocytes at all levels of epidermis with abundant melanin. The epidermis showed squamous and basaloid cells with several horncysts giving the diagnosis of melanoacanthoma. The patient further underwent surgical excision of the lesion. The case is being reported for its rarity, unusual location and clinical resemblance to a verrucous carcinoma as well as a benign wart.

Keywords: Melanoacanthoma