Case Report

A Foreign Body Granuloma due to a Dermal Filler: Limited Response to Intralesionel and Systemic Steroid Treatment

  • İlgen Ertam
  • İdil Ünal
  • Tuğrul Dereli
  • Alican Kazandı
  • Sibel Alper

J Turk Acad Dermatol 2008;2(4):0-0


A 72-year-old woman presented to our clinic with edema on her face. The patient reported that she underwent augmentation of her face with a dermal filler 3 months ago. She did not know the name of the filler. On dermatologic examination, bilateral eyelid and facial odema, firm, irregular subcutaneous nodules were observed. Skin biopsy showed foreign body granuloma, microcyst formation and pink, polygonal, translucent material.

The affected areas treated with 60 mg/d oral corticosteroid during 2 months at tapering doses and repeated intralesional corticosteroid injections (20 mg/ml). Facial odema disappared, but firm nodules slightly improved. Here, we report a case with foreign body granulomas to a dermal filler, its treatment and discuss histopathological differential diagnosis.

Keywords: foreign body granuloma, filler