Case Report

A Case Report: Glomus Tumor Mimicking Orf Infection


  • Pınar Özuğuz
  • Zennure Takçı
  • Seval Doğruk Kaçar
  • Özlem Bozkurt
  • Hasan Tak

J Turk Acad Dermatol 2014;8(4):0-0


Glomus tumor is a rare vascular tumor that is most commonly located in hand and usually of benign nature arising from the vascular and thermoregulatory glomus body of the skin. However, malignant degeneration can sometimes occur. These hamartomas account for 1% to 5% of all soft tissue tumors of the hand and commonly but not exclusively related to nail bed. The classical presentation is severe pain, temperature sensitivity and localised tenderness. The diagnosis is usually made on the basis of clinical history and examination but can be delayed due to nonspecific symptoms and the rarity of disorder. The aim of our report is to describe a glomus tumor presented as orf infection in a man at his hand appearing in terms of clinical presentation and localization.

Keywords: Glomus tumor, orf virus, finger phalanges