Case Report

A Case Presenting with Gummas


  • Ömer Çalka
  • Ayşe Serap Karadağ
  • Serap Güneş Bilgili
  • Necmettin Akdeniz
  • Sevda Göçer Önder

J Turk Acad Dermatol 2012;6(3):0-0


Gummas are subcutaneous big nodules and usually occur as a result of microorganismrelated reaction in subcutaneous tissues. The gumma course first starts with a softening and an ulceration, and is completed with a scar formation. A 66-year-old man admitted to our clinic for nodules on his hard palate, face and hand for 1 year. These lesions initially presented with ulcerations and perforations and were ended up with scar formations. Physical examination revealed a 1.5x2 cm hole in the midline of the hard palate, bone destruction in the right 4th mid-phalanx and a 3x1 cm scar on the right preauricular area. No similar lesions were seen in his family and close-contact people. Neither him nor his family had a history of tuberculosis. Extensive work up for gumma was negative, and thus he was diagnosed with an idiopathic gumma. We reported this case due to its rarity.

Keywords: Gumma, palate, tuberculosis