Case Report

A Case of Linear Porokeratosis: Dermoscopic and Immunofluorescence Findings

  • Aydın Yücel
  • Suhan Günaştı
  • Selma Sönmezoğlu Maraklı
  • Yaşargül Denli
  • Soner Uzun
  • Varol Lütfü Aksungur
  • Alpaslan Acar
  • Canan Uslular
  • İlhan Tuncer

J Turk Acad Dermatol 2008;2(2):0-0


Porokeratosis is a dyskeratotic disorder of the skin characterized by hyperkeratotic papule or plaque with an annular appearance and usually diagnosed easily, both histopathologically and clinically. We present a case of linear porokeratosis which was most likely suggesting the linear epidermal nevus and linear lichen planus. We observed a tiny brown border in the dermoscopic examination which suggested us the diagnosis might be porokeratosis and a column of cytoid bodies in the direct immunofluorescence examination. We think this case report will guide the clinicians to make the diagnosis of porokeratosis.

Keywords: dermoscopy, direct immunofluorescence, porokeratosis