Case Report

A Case of Generalized Lupus Vulgaris Leading to Joint Mutilation


  • Ömer Çalka
  • Necmettin Akdeniz
  • Hatice Uce Özkol
  • İrfan Bayram

J Turk Acad Dermatol 2013;7(4):0-0


Lupus vulgaris is a chronic progressive granulomatous bacterial disease and the most common cutaneous tuberculosus. It arises in individuals who were previously sensitized and have moderate immunity. Lesions usually begin on the nose and cheeks and slowly progress towards neighbouring sites in the disease that usually involves head and neck. In this paper, a 51-year-old subject who has many lupus vulgaris plaques on dorsum of the left hand, left arm and left gluteal region is presented. A contracture deformity had developed on the area of lupus plaques on 4. and 5. fingers of the left hand. The patient who had complaints for approximately 10 years was diagnosed as pulmonary and cutaneous tuberculosus as the result of clinical and laboratory examinations. The patient was treated with quartet antituberculosis treatment. The case was decided to be presented due to its atypical localisation and leading deformity.

Keywords: Generalized lupus vulgaris, joint contracture