Case Report

A Case of Generalized Essential Telangiectasia with Early Onset


  • Müzeyyen Gönül
  • Seray Külcü Çakmak
  • Esra Özhamam

J Turk Acad Dermatol 2014;8(2):0-0


A 26-year-old woman attended to our outpatient clinic with widespread and progressively enlarging redness, without any subjective complaint and history of hemorrhagic episodes. The lesions had been present since her childhood. Dermatological examination showed patches which consisted of multiple fine telangiectasias on the face, anterior neck, trunk, upper and lower extremities and bilateral palms. She was diagnosed as generalized essential telangiectasia (GET) with medical history, clinical apperance of the lesion and histopathological findings. GET is an uncommon disorder characterized with generalized telangiectasia and it occurs in ages between late thirties to late fourties. We report a case of GET with early onset.

Keywords: telangiectasia, generalized