Case Report

A Case of Idiopathic Multiple Eruptive Dermatofibromas


  • Sinan Özçelik
  • Rana Başara
  • Fatma Arzu Kılıç
  • Banu Lebe

J Turk Acad Dermatol 2019;13(3):0-0


Dermatofibroma is a common benign fibrohistiocytic tumor of the dermis, which is generally located in the lower extremities of adults. Multiple eruptive form of dermatofibroma is rare and defined as the presence of a large number of dermatofibromas in one person. Although multiple eruptive dermatofibromas is usually associated with many systemic diseases, especially immunological diseases, it may also seen in healthy people. It should be made diagnostic investigations for immunological, lymphoproliferative or metabolic diseases in cases with multiple dermatofibroma lesions. If these diseases are ruled out, the cases should be considered as idiopathic and should be followed up closely. In the literature, it is noteworthy that patients with idiopathic multiple eruptive dermatofibromas are usually seen in children. Because it is rare, we present a case of idiopathic multiple eruptive dermatofibromas in adulthood.

Keywords: Dermatofibroma, Histiocytoma, Benign fibrous, Skin